What is the difference between sandals and slippers?

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There is a clear difference between slippers and sandals.

From the most basic structure, the heel of the slippers is completely hollow and there is only one toe, while the sandals have a heel, and the toe and the slippers are not necessarily the same. The toe of the slippers is often in a straight, herringbone or semi-wrapped shape. Recently, the toe of the hole shoe that has become popular is also distributed with round holes of the same size. Sandals have more types of toe caps. Because the heel of the shoe can fasten the connection between the foot and the shoe, the toe cap can be a few simple straps, or it can be in the shape of a word. The difference in structure causes the difference in wearing feeling between slippers and sandals. Sandals have heels, so the soles almost completely fit the soles of the feet when walking. Because of the lack of heels, the soles of the second half of the slippers often separate from the soles of the feet when walking, resulting in walking. It’s easier to make a "step on foot" sound. The difference between slippers and sandals is also reflected in the applicable season. Sandals can only be worn in summer, but slippers can be worn all year round. Because sandals are cooler, slippers can be cool or warm, made of coral fleece, cotton thread, etc. The made slippers can be worn in winter, spring and autumn.

The difference between slippers and sandals also reflects the material aspect. High-tech materials such as PVC, EVA, and plastic are the types that are used in both shoes, while materials such as coral fleece, bamboo charcoal, wool, corduroy are only used for slippers, not sandals. Finally, the difference between slippers and sandals is also reflected in the applicable places. Sandals can be worn anywhere, but slippers are prohibited in some formal places.

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